Review ROG Phone 5s Pro

Powered by the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 888+ 5G mobile platform, ROG Phone 5s Pro takes your mobile gaming experience to the next dimension. With an incredibly responsive 360 ​​Hz native touch sampling rate, the 144 Hz/1 ms display brings you the smoothest viewing experience possible. It also packs a unique ROG Vision rear matrix color display, a monster 6000 mAh one battery system, AirTrigger 5 game controls, and our iconic GameFX audio system. Dare to choose ROG Phone 5s Pro, and you’ll be rewarded with unbridled performance for world-leading gaming and entertainment experiences.

review ROG Phone 5s Pro

review ROG Phone 5s Pro

Rp 18,999,000 (18GB/512GB)
Pioneering rear matrix display

Snapdragon ® 888+ 5G Mobile Platform

Optimum thermal structure with AeroActive Cooler 5

144Hz Samsung E4 AMOLED display

Audiophile-grade dual front-facing stereo speakers

Multiple inputs for total control

Centered CPU design with 6000 mAh one battery

Features chosen and created for true gamers

Flagship triple cameras

DARE TO BE DIFFERENT ROG Vision, the unique rear matrix color display, is a bold innovation that highlights ROG’s creative spirit. ROG Vision can display various cool animations that show if the ROG Phone 5s Pro is charging, if a call comes in if X Mode is activated, and more. You can even create custom animations to make your phone more personal. Dare to show your true style with ROG Phone 5s Pro!
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ 5G Mobile Platform provides unrivaled performance and speed improvements to take your mobile gaming experience to a new level. With clock speeds up to an incredible 3 GHz2, CPU performance has been boosted by 25% 3 for unmatched portable processing power. With our renowned performance manager in Armory Crate for even more performance control and tuning possibilities, you can take complete control of this incredible CPU power to adapt ROG Phone 5s Pro to any task instantly.

HR 888+
most powerful Snapdragon ® mobile platform

ROG Phone 5s Pro 2022

ROG Phone 5s Pro 2022

Up to
3.0 GHz
CPU clock 2

25 % faster
CPU performance 3

Up to
18GB _

Up to
512GB _

performance mode


The GameCool 5 cooling system on ROG Phone 5s Pro has an optimized thermal structure featuring a centralized CPU with a battery divided into two sections, one on each side of the CPU. This ensures that the heat generated by the CPU is transferred to all edges and corners of the chassis simultaneously for higher thermal efficiency. The reshaped steam chamber and extensive graphite sheet also help to distribute heat evenly throughout the device to reduce heat build-up in the center.
The AeroActive Cooler 5 injects and expels an incredible amount of cool air directly into the center of the phone — right where the CPU is — for an incredible ten °C four drop-in CPU temperature.

CPU Center

Up to
10 ° C
lower CPU temperature 4

AeroActive Cooler 5
Snapdragon® 888+ _
Dual Batteries
Re-shaped Vapor Chamber
Enlarged Graphite Sheet

To achieve low-latency gaming and ultra-responsive input with reduced chances of accidental touches, the Samsung E4 AMOLED 144 Hz/1 ms display on ROG Phone 5s now offers a native 360 ​​Hz 5 touch sampling rate to give you incredibly smooth results smooth gaming experience. Ultimate visuals are enhanced even further with incredible color accuracy and always-on HDR 8 technology that enhances non-HDR visuals, along with a display protected by the toughest Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ ever. ROG Phone 5s is built to last — and built to win.

Best ROG Phone 5s Pro

Best ROG Phone 5s Pro

144 Hz
refresh rate

360 Hz
native touch sampling rate 5

24 ms
touch latency 6

color accuracy

DC dimming
technology 7

Always-on HDR
technology 8


Our GameFX audio system on ROG Phone 5s Pro features dual 7-magnet symmetrical speakers for truly balanced stereo sound effects, with a 3.5mm headphone jack along with a hi-fi-grade ESS DAC. Both have been optimized in collaboration with audio specialist Dirac, making the ROG Phone 5s a rare smartphone with truly impressive audio quality. In addition to premium sound, GameFX also provides you with crystal clear in-game sound effects and powerful aural soundscapes that you would never dare expect in a smartphone product.

symmetrical dual front-facing stereo speakers

3.5mm headphone jack with high-end codec

ROG Phone 5s Pro gives you a control experience that goes beyond even console-level gaming!

Ultrasonic Sensors
Providing increased airflow directly to the hotspots on the back cover of the ROG Phone 5s Pro, the AeroActive Cooler 5 clip-on external cooling fan can lower the surface temperature near the CPU by an astonishing 15° C4. It also has two additional physical buttons to allow for a real console-like control experience.
Up to
15 ° C
lower surface temperature 4

Cooler buttons
extra controls


Controlling the game by moving your phone is a cool and intuitive way of playing. ROG Phone 5s Pro supports a total of 10 different gesture controls, so you can easily choose a move that suits your game. In a racing game, for example, you can rotate your phone to steer or push it forward to accelerate. Game control has never been easier.
The innovative hidden rear touch sensor on the back cover of the ROG Phone 5s Pro gives you L2/R2 trigger functions, just like a game console controller. It also works with ultrasonic sensors, AeroActive Cooler 5 buttons, and motion controls to give you complete control for the total gaming experience.
In addition to tap, swipe, swipe, and dual partition buttons, the ultrasonic side sensor can now support two gestures on one side of the sensor simultaneously. Now you can enable tap and swipe or tap and swipe simultaneously for even more control possibilities.

The monster 6000 mAh one battery inside the ROG Phone 5s combined with the 65-watt HyperCharge adapter is a great combination for gamers to play on the go. In addition, there is a charging feature that allows control of charging speed and bypass charging to not charge the battery while playing games, all enabling better battery performance and longer battery life.
6000 mAh
high-capacity battery 1

65 -watt
HyperCharge adapter
With our in-depth knowledge and understanding of mobile gaming, the ROG design and development team creates features that truly address your gaming needs.
Side Mounted Port
Gamers love to use characters and screenshots from their favorite games to show off their style and personality. We’ve teamed up with some of the most popular game titles to bring you a set of 10 different theme packs that you can use to turn your ROG Phone 5s into a completely personalized and truly unique phone.

A constant and reliable wireless connection is essential for multiplayer games. ROG Phone 5s is a device with WiFi 6E 11 support, which provides a much more stable connection even on crowded networks. Multiple antenna setups with enhanced HyperFusion technology allow simultaneous connections to both WiFi and cellular networks, with intelligent switching to whichever has the best signal.

Constant and reliable wireless connections are vital for multiplayer games. ROG Phone 5s Pro is a device with WiFi 6E 11 support, which delivers much more stable connections even in crowded networks. The multiple antenna setup with upgraded HyperFusion technology allows simultaneous connections to WiFi and the mobile network, with intelligent redirection to whichever has the best signal.
Pair your ROG Phone 5s with your ASUS WiFi 6E router to experience the full network potential of WiFi 6E 11.

Game Genie is one of the most advanced game enhancement apps on smartphones. In addition to the do-not-disturb mode, floating window, and tagged clips, there are even more game-specific features like quick controls so you can set switches for different actions; haptic audio for vibrations based on in-game sound effects; and scout mode so you can see the target more easily. Enjoy a better gaming experience and a better chance of winning!

ROG Phone 5s cares about your gaming comfort. The unique side port design is specifically designed to prevent cables from getting in the way of your gameplay, so it never sacrifices your skills.

The triple camera system on the ROG Phone 5s is designed to produce exceptional quality photos in any setting. It features a flagship Sony® IMX686 64 MP main wide-angle camera, a secondary 13 MP ultrawide camera, and a macro camera. Enhanced software features include Pro Video Mode as well as Free Zoom, Wind Filter, and Acoustic Focus Function to make your video quality stand out. There’s also a 24 MP front camera for high-quality group selfies and live streaming videos.
Sony ®
IMX 686
flagship sensor

64 MP
wide-angle camera

Pro Videos

* All images are simulated for illustration purposes.
The typical capacity is 6000 mAh.
The exact speed was measured at 2.99 GHz from the manufacturer’s performance data.
Manufacturer’s performance data.
Test result provided by ASUS labs, compared to the skin temperature of ROG Phone 5s Pro without AeroActive Cooler 5.
Actual performance may vary depending on conditions.
Test results provided by ASUS labs, actual performance may vary depending on conditions.
DC dimming feature only supports certain display settings.
Visual Enhancement (dynamic conversion from SDR to HDR) can be manually enabled for selected games in the scenario profiles setting. To learn more about Always-on HDR technology,
Test results provided by ASUS labs, actual performance may vary depending on conditions.
Regional availability for each theme pack may differ.
WiFi 6E availability and features are dependent on regulatory limitations and co-existence with 5 GHz WiFi. The number of available extra 160 MHz channels may be less than 7.

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